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Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine

Hadassah On Call: New Frontiers in Medicine takes you behind the headlines with Hadassah Medical Organization doctors and specialists, patients and nurses. Listen and be amazed.

Brought to you by Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America.


Mayaan HoffmanWe're thrilled to welcome Maayan Hoffman to our Hadassah On Call team! A savvy, insightful American-Israeli journalist, today she is running a Jerusalem-based strategic communications company. Among her clients is The Jerusalem Post, where she serves as head of conferences. Previously, she served as news editor, head of strategy and senior health analyst covering the COVID-19 pandemic.

A third-generation Hadassah member, mother and wife living in Jerusalem, Maayan has held several senior journalism positions and written about health, innovation and more for publications including The Washington Post, The American Spectator, The Hill and Roll Call.

Nov 5, 2017

Despite the fact that for years, cardiovascular disease have been mainly associated with men; one in every two women will suffer from cardiovascular disease during her lifetime, and one in every three women will die from it. Listen as Donna Zfat-Zwas, MD, MPH, Director of the Linda Joy Pullin Cardiovascular Wellness...

Nov 2, 2017

Joining the show to speak about the exciting research into neuroimaging of the brain that can enable early detection of Alzheimer's disease to improve the prognosis for many people, is renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Shahar Arzy. He is the Director of the Computational Neuropsychiatry Lab and Neuropsychiatry Clinic and the...